The Project

The project of ‘Digital Gao’ was conceptualised by Shri. Pundlik Sitaram Wagh, who belongs to a farmer’s family. After completing higher education he started his own business. He decided to travel and study the country for two years. He travelled alone on the motorcycle covering 21000 kilometers within 108 days to closely see the rural Bharat. This journey gave him an in depth view of the problems rural Bharat faced and motivated him to work on it.

When he resumed his work in villages he felt the need of technology based replicable model to speed up the developmental process. In that direction he started an IT based company and developed several softwares, e-commerce and mobile Apps for Digital Gao.

The need

Majority of Indian population resides in rural areas and have no access to modern technologies. It has created great disparities between rural Bharat and urban India. Despite having talented minds, entrepreneurial skills, and material resources the rural population has been deprived of all the opportunities and avenues of development.

If we don’t explore and utilise this potential the dream of creating a vibrant India will remain unfulfilled. It is the ethical responsibility of educated and well meaning individuals to dedicate our efforts for the development of rural Bharat.

Model of Digital Gao

Our model provides easy access of latest technology to grass root population which is so far deprived of it. The model carries great positive impact in their upward mobility in respect of economic and educational development.

It provides numerous opportunities at local level preventing the undesirable migration to urban areas.

The model is based on the presumption that latest technologies could be used in remote and rural areas to create employment and businesses.

Our belief in sustainable profit encourages us to take these technologies to villages which will ultimately lead towards uniform development and inclusive growth.

Understanding the Digital Gao

Life for rural people shouldn’t be an unending struggle. When they imitate urban life style they are pushed into a complex world. A self reliant and self sustaining life is possible if latest technologies are applied in villages. A large scale migration towards urban centres takes place just for some meagre income. Digital Gao plan to transform villages in such a way that jobs and businesses will be generated in this place.

We also aim to combine ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge with the latest technology preventing the evils of western education. Our priority is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, utilizing the skills of local people and local resources.

Our endeavour is to make villages the dynamic units of economic activities.

Digital Gao is an attempt to bring Techno-spirituality in every sphere of rural Bharat.


Education is the key for all kinds of development. With the help of latest technology we are supporting the present education system. Through our technology based educational model, we will connect students, parents, teachers and educational expertise.

The Shiksha Software and mobile Apps will be provided to the schools and educational centres in rural Bharat. It will have all the applications of e-learning, online examinations, career opportunities, skill development modules, personality development guidance and global connectivity about educational developments.

Through this software the teachers will be able to track the progress reports, conduct aptitude tests and guide them for career opportunities.


Our aim is to create entrepreneurs at village level. There is ample scope for businesses in the village. Some businesses are well established also but are not benefiting the villagers due to lack of certain skills.

Digital Gao will create a common platform and conditions that will motivate to take initiative for business.

We are launching Gram Yatra in villages which will give entrepreneurship opportunities to villagers. Through ‘My sheti’ software, farming and allied businesses will be managed by villagers.

‘My sheti’ will generate the demand for agricultural produce and connect them digitally to the end users. Farmers can even advertise their produce through My Sheti software.


The main reason for migration to cities is employment. This migration is not voluntary but almost forced on them. It also brings burden on urban infrastructure which is limited and supports certain percentage of population.

If employment opportunities are created in villages they will earn sufficient money to live a happy life. Such village will also attract the job seekers from urban centres.

Economic Growth

The ultimate target is economic growth in villages.

Every farmer is a producer, but he does not get worth price for his products owing to multiple reasons like the role of middlemen, weak bargaining capacity, unavailability of transportation facilities and no direct contact with consumers.

Through our e-commerce portal we will be bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. It will earn him the profit which he rightly deserves.

Even farmers can purchase seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and farm equipments in the bulk quantity directly from the manufacturers.

We have developed following technologies to make the Digital Gao.

  1. Cashless App - for cashless transactions.
  2. Shiksha ERP - Education system online.
  3. Mysheti E-commerce portal and App - Farmers can sell and buy everything
  4. Gram Yatra - Tourism for economic growth.
  5. Yuvapaper/ Gaovarta - this paper will print only positive news and spread positivity in villages.
  6. Janadhar - for the strengthening democracy
  7. Linkbharat - Connecting various people for business development