What is a ‘Digital Gao’?

Gao or Gaon is a Hindi word for villages. It is also used in Marathi language. Digital Gao is the village where most of the people use technology in their daily routine for the economical growth.

Digital gao is a technology driven villages.

Why Digital Gao?

We want to connect the villages to the globe. Villagers should be global. They should be familiar with the technology to bring more happiness in their life. Villagers should become global citizens with the help of Technology.

Present scenario of our villages is very bad. Most of the people are living in poverty.

The best sign is education is spreading in villages. Technology should reach there. Luckily Internet is available in most of the villages and many people are using Android mobiles. So to transform the villages we need to introduce them to digitalization and modern world.

How can I connect to Digital Gao? How can I make my Gao Digital?

If you want to make your village digital, please apply online. You can also contact us and provide the details of your village. Further you need to provide a letter from the particular Gram Panchayat with a proper signature and stamp.

How can I join Digital Gao campaign?

You can apply online by visiting the ‘volunteer’ tab in our website. Our team will contact you. Direct contact can be done on digitalgao@gmail.com